When comes up Christmas or Thanksgiving, what one thinks of? Food, obviously! Children especially consider cakes, puddings, cookies or chocolate. On these festive occasions there’s a good amount of foods, all cooked by various methods. Christmas bring families together in the dining room table, and health ought to be the primary concern.

When preparing food we consider taste, but should that be all? Let us examine the advantages of baking and steaming particular foods. Baked foods are tasty, juicy, and flavorful because they are cooked inside their own oil. It’s also a wholesome method of cooking as baking lessens the cholesterol and straightforward carbohydrates in foods. Care needs to be taken that foods are baked in the right temperature but for the given period so they don’t become hard and tasteless. This cooking technique is extremely effective to promote weight reduction as less fat can be used when baking foods. You will find much less calories inside a baked chicken leg than the usual fried chicken leg.

Steaming is understood to be cooking in water vapor under different levels of pressure. Most steaming is performed by putting the meals right into a steamer which is generally a circular container metallic (Wok) or bamboo. The steamer normally has a cover that’s placed on top of the container during cooking to permit the steam to prepare the meals. Steaming meals are very nutritious since it requires little oil, leading to low-fat and calorie content. Steaming is most frequently accustomed to prepare vegetables, whole fish, crab, pork spare ribs, ground pork of beef, chicken, etc. Grain and wheat foods may also be steamed.

Health-conscious individuals should prefer steaming with other methods requiring cooking oils. Steamed foods retain their natural smell, taste, form, and the majority of the microelements and vitamins that foods contain when raw. Steam cooking keeps the meals temperature under 212 levels F, which is fantastic for conserving the qualities the foods contain. Both of these cooking methods promote the kitchen connoisseur.