All of us have or will experience some form of joint pain. Whether it is mild shoulder pain or knee pain, at some point in our lives, we will face some sort of pain in our bones.

But how prepared are you for that? Many people will quickly rush to purchase ibuprofen, codeine or other forms of pain killer to manage their pain. And why not? Painkillers have worked wonders for many of us.

But, what if there was another way you could alleviate joint pain without using painkillers, which can of course become highly addictive?

Cannabis has been used all over the world to treat various ailments, but more so for pain management. Although there’s no evidence to back how safe CBD is for human consumption, many people swear by it to manage various conditions.

But even as this supplement continues growing in popularity, so do the available methods of its consumption. Nowadays people are not only restricted to smoking and taking CBD capsules. In fact, if you’re relying on cannabis to alleviate join pain, it works better when applied directly to the skin.

What Are CBD Balms?

Cannabis-infused balms are designed to be applied directly to the skin. They offer a localised method for the general relief from pain as well as inflammation.

The good thing is that due to its non-intoxicating nature, users will never get high even if they consume it in fairly large doses.

How I Use Them

Because I suffer terribly from knee pain, I apply the balm directly on the knee and give it some time to diffuse into my skin.

After around half an hour, I feel relieved. I never understood how that worked at first, but because I entirely rely upon it for pain management, I had find out what I was applying to my skin – it was time to do a bit of research.

I found out that these balms contain cannabinoid-conveying lipids, which when applied to the skin, they’re transported over the skin layers and soon after that the CBD starts a remedial mechanism and the you feelbetter.

My Method

I start by washing my knee with warm soap and water to remove any oil and excess dirt. This eliminates the possibility of any obstruction between the treatment and the skin and makes absorption easy.

Then, I generously massage my knee and allow time for the balm to fully absorb into my skin. I also ensure that I don’t cover my knee with any garment or bandage so that it does not rub off.

If it’s your first time, I advise that after application, ensure that you observe the area for side effects such as redness, irritation or sores.

If you’re planning to use cannabis-infused balm on your children or if you’re not as young as you once were, then I’d recommend to apply the balm in small amounts because the skin tends to be thinner, so less amounts will be required.

Why I Prefer Balms To Other Methods

Unless you’re taking CBD to treat other ailments, you need a more localised treatment for joint pain. If you have arthritis for instance, and you take cannabis-based capsules, you may experience the effects but not as much as when you apply CBD directly on your skin.

Unlike other ways of consuming cannabis which offer a more general treatment, with CBD balms the treatment is localised, meaning it’s much more effective because you directly treat the area where you are experiencing pain.

How Frequently I Use Them

Since I am only using it for knee pain, I apply it twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening just after my bath. But the frequency can vary depending on the severity of mypain that day. If it’s cold outside (and especially in the winter months where my arthritis tends to be a lot worse), I also apply a top-up around noon to keep me going through the day.

My Recommendations

I’ve been using hemp salve because it’s made from organic ingredients and tends to be a lot thicker and smoother than other products I’ve found on the market.

However, if you aren’t able to get hold of salves, there are other skin care products which could also work for you such as this one from Love CBD (it’s myNumber 1 favourite balm to be honest).

My Concluding Thoughts

Cannabis-infused balms have been extremely useful in helping to effectively manage my knee pain.

I would highly recommend them to anybody suffering not just from knee pain but any other form of joint pain.

Remember to buy your balm from the best and trustworthy brands to benefit fully from it. Quality is everything when it comes to Cannabis-based products.