Millions of people in the United States visit healthcare centers yearly for treatment against varicose veins. Varicose veins which are extremely painful cause strained blood flow that eventually could lead to a deadly aftermath. Therefore, a patient needs a vein doctor that is good at their work.

Due to increased occurrence of patients with vein disorders, lots of healthcare organizations have dedicated their time and effort to offer vein treatment. Numerous vein physicians have also emerged which makes it very critical for one to carefully choose a healthcare facility or a vein doctor before receiving service.

Metro Vein Centers- the best choice

Among the many vein treatment centers that have come up is the Metro Vein Centers, a network of facilities that is reputable for its excellence when it comes to vein treatment. Since the network’s establishment more than a decade ago, thousands of patients who have passed through its facilities have been successfully treated.

The following are the places where one will find Metro Vein Centers’ help in the United States: Rochester Hills, Canton and Clinton Township in Michigan, Sugar Land and Clear Lake in Texas, Florham Park, Hackensack in New Jersey, and finally Forest Hills and White Plains in New York.

Dr. Ali Meslemeni is the brain behind Metro Vein Centers. Under his leadership, the network has continued to evolve from one phase into another. The system currently has enough vein doctors throughout the regions where it has its operations. Among the doctors is Dr. Tonie Reincke who operates from Texas.

Dr. Tonie’s education and career background.

Dr. Tonie is a longtime Interventional Radiologist with an educational background of the field from Detroit Medical Center. She is not only a doctor but also a trainer where many physicians can confirm that they have learned from her expertise in vein treatment.

In a short interview, Dr. Tonie reveals that her success as a vein pyhsician is the one more step that she takes beyond treating a disease where she makes an effort to help the patients be comfortable and receive the attention they deserve at a personal level.

The Fort Bend’s 2017 Best of Vein Physicians from the Living Magazine recognized Dr. Tonie as the best doctor in the county. The same magazine has named her as Top Doc for two consecutive years of 2017 and 2018.

Lifestyle behaviors that will help avoid Varicose Veins.

Poor lifestyle habits mostly cause varicose veins. A Healthy lifestyle is not inevitable in the avoidance of varicose veins. The following tips will help you make informed decisions on the strategies you prepare for your daily healthy living:

  1. Exercising as often as possible.

What comes into your mind when you hear the word exercise? Do you think of the gym or a two-kilometer jog? Probably that is what keeps lots of people from exercising since they believe it is supposed to be a strenuous activity. Well, that doesn’t have to be.

Concerning your vein health, a twenty or thirty-minute walk is adequate. If you have so much a limited amount of time for you to introduce a period for exercise in your schedule, you can walk instead of driving to destinations close to you.

  1. Check your daily diet.

One should limit the amount of processed sugar they ingest and instead use foods with natural or limited sugars, e.g., brown rice and whole wheat or corn flour. Foods rich in rutin (such as grapes and apples) are also vital for vein health. The right kind of foods introducing the right amounts of nutrients is crucial to the healthy functioning of the body.