If you recently purchased antique Tibetan singing bowls for sale, you may have noticed several symbols and inscriptions on them. They can mean a variety of things. These patterns also affect the output of the vibrations that one particular singing bowl generates. In order for you to find out what they mean, read on below.

OM Mani Padme Hum Mantra

Translated as the “Jewel in the Lotus” is a chanted prayer that you can often observe on singing bowls. They are often engraved or etched. It is one of the more popular patterns that you will see on Tibetan singing bowls due to the popularity of the OM Mani Padme Hum.


The dragon represents positivity. Its European counterpart may have negative connotations, but dragon represented on Tibetan singing bowls are positive icons. They signify heaven, energy, change, wealth, and creativity. There is almost always two of them that you will find on one singing bowl.

In the west, the dragon may symbolize destruction and negativity. In the east, it is the polar opposite. Prosperity has been closely attributed to the allegiance of man with dragon. There are many ancient stories of men taming dragons to help them in their conquests. Dragons are also believed to be much closer to the heavens due to their ability to seemingly move at any level.

Wisdom Eyes

Representing the all-seeing eyes of Buddha, the wisdom eyes is actually the symbol of Nepal. Not only is it common to see on antique Tibetan singing bowls for sale, but you will also be able to see it all over the country. It represents the unity of everything through enlightenment with the teachings of Buddha.

In the east, Buddha is a revered figure whose teachings are followed even by those who do not identify as Buddhists. Buddha’s teachings can be used in everyday situations and have an impact on what a person can do based on how they want their karma to be.

Energy and spirituality are two things that can’t be observed physically which is why it is believed that it is important to have wisdom eyes. The importance of going beyond the physical is highly regarded as it can lead you to a deeper understanding of how the world works.

Letting in positive energy, clearing your mind, and cleansing your energy field are some activities that are only possible with wisdom eyes.


The eight symbols that you see on your antique Tibetan singing bowls for sale may be the Ashtamangala. These symbols include the endless knot, the right turning conch, the lotus flower, the two golden fish, the treasure vase, the jeweled parasol, the wheel of the law, and the victory banner.

Celtic Symbols

Eastern meditation has been linked to Celtic traditions through the mingling of different cultures. You will be able to see the implementation of the East and the West as a gesture of unity. Though rare in antique Tibetan singing bowls for sale, you can observe Celtic symbols in later ornaments.

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