Almost everyone in the world looks forward to dessert at the end of every meal; the same rings true during a catered corporate event. While the dessert menu might not be the biggest draw of the night, having a tempting and delectable selection that will impress every sweet tooth attending is guaranteed to make a lasting impression. With the help of professional catering services in northern Virginia, the dessert table during your next corporate event can become the talk of the night.

Here are some fantastically sweet and unique ideas to serve for dessert:

Boozy Treats

Serving up boring and typical desserts during the event is expected because people naturally look for something sweet after a meal. Why not make dessert a little more interesting by asking your event caterer to create some boozy sweet treats for the occasion. We’re not talking about your run of the mill rum cakes, no. There are now a variety of cocktail inspired desserts that will surely attract the interest of everyone attending the event.

These booze-inspire treats will be so tempting that even those on a strict diet won’t be able to resist them!

Trayed Treats

It is very typical to see appetizers being butlered around the room while guests are mingling, why not do the same with desserts? Ask your trusted company for catering services in Northern Virginia if they can make some bite-sized desserts that can be served on trays. This way of serving desserts will ensure that more people sample the sweet offerings.

Many of your guests will want to mingle and talk to people during dessert time leaving the dessert station empty and ignored. Instead of letting all of the sweet treats go to waste, let them go to where the guests are mingling.

Inspire Interaction

The boring and traditional dessert station where guests simply choose a few prepared treats and head back to their table is no longer very appealing. Having an interactive dessert station where guests can personalize their desserts is considered fun and entertaining. Allow your guests to choose what and how much toppings go on their plate and you’ll find them lining up to get their fill of dessert.

Include Lighter Options

After a big meal, not everyone is up to getting a slice of cake for dessert. To cater to this need of a sweet treat after dinner without overfilling your guests, have some lighter selections available. Macarons, meringues, and other similar light and sweet options are the perfect way to end a meal without feeling too heavy and full. This is a great way to avoid the dreaded “food coma”. You want your guests to have enough energy to enjoy the rest of the night after all.

Label All Dessert Choices

Avoid any allergic reactions by clearly labeling all of the desserts and giving your guests warning about the possible ingredients. It is best to work with your cater and clear up any food restrictions before ordering the dessert station. Everyone deserves to have a treat, even those with gluten, dairy, and nut allergies.

From our appetizers, main dishes, and desserts, our team at Saint Germain Catering knows good food makes the world go round. Contact us today for catering services in northern Virginia!