There are many people who have the problem of narcolepsy, attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder, and shift work sleep disorder, obstructive sleep apnea etc.  In the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder children feel more uncomfortable and lose the working attention so they face many difficulties in their daily life. You can also feel some sudden sleeping attack and might feel embarrassed in the surrounding community. If you are also having similar health issues then you should meet your doctors. You doctor will prescribe you reliable and right medication for your treatment such as modafinil.

What are the common symptoms for specific disorders?

Narcolepsy – in this disorder people feel like sleeping in the day time. They feel restless, fatigued and uncomfortable. They also suffer from sudden sleep attacks during the daytime during any activity. The common symptoms of this disorder are excessive daytime sleepiness, hallucination, sleep paralysis, weakness and loss of volumetric muscle control.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – it is already proven that the cause of this disorder is genetic.  If any parent is having similar problem then it may get transferred to the next generation.  Mostly symptoms are seen at the age of twelve but you can notice it in the age of three years also. The common symptoms of this disorder are inattention and hyper active impulse. These symptoms may be severe and mild so it affects in adulthood also.

Obstructive sleeping apnea – basically, it is a sleeping disorder but in this disorder throat muscles relax and block the airway during sleep. The common symptoms of this disorder are high blood pressure, loud snoring, morning head ache, episodes of breathing during sleeping, night time sweating etc.

What are the doses recommend for treating these disorders?

If you are going to take the specific medicine like Modalert then you should take the standard amount of the doses or according to the prescription. You can take the prescribed doses for sleep apnea such as 200 mg in the morning time and before starting the shift.

In other conditions, you can take half f the standard doses, ie., 200mg in the morning.  If you are not able to tolerate the dose of 200 mg then you can take 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg in the noon for getting specific reaction on disorders.

Who should avoid this medicine?

Basically, there are not many contraindications listed for avoiding medication expects any allergic reaction and side effects. But in some cases such as breastfeeding, pregnancy it is avoided because it may affect the health of the new born baby. It is also avoided for those children who are young and less than 18 years. If you are having any life threatening condition then you should also avoid this medication.

What are the advantages for taking this medication?

If you are taking medication then you will feel more wakeful and filled with energy during the day time. It acts as a smart drug and stimulant and helps you in remaining attentive, improving your memory, fast- thinking, productive and so on.  If you find it difficult in finding this medicine in offline stores then you can visit some online drug stores such as RXShopMD and get your desirable doses.