A dog is the best friend of the human who can stay with you throughout your life. At some point, you can suspect human beings, but the dog is one such creation that you can never suspect for betraying.

Your dog is your bed companion who is always available in your good as well as bad time. But this is not the only aspect of your life. On one hand, where your dog contributes his entire life for you, it becomes your responsibility to take care of him and keep it healthy. Being a human, you can easily express your issues and health problems with your doctor or other beings. But in the case of a dog, he can’t tell you anything. In case of any diseases or health issue, the change in his behavior is the best sign.

Now, when we are saying health issues, heartworms are the most common health hazard that dogs face in their lifetime. For such problems, Heartgard Plus is the medicine which can be given to your dogs to curb the problem of heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms.

The Heartgard Plus is available in a chewing format which is easy for your dog to take and get a healthy body. When we talk about its pros, below are the benefits that you should never forget.

Tasty Flavour: When you keep your pet under medication, there are various medicines which are totally uncomfortable to eat. With Heartgard, you can stay assured as it can be chewed easily through tasty flavor. Being made from beef, it becomes a chewing gum for your dog which makes it easier to take it for health purpose.

Cure Multiple Diseases: Heartworm is one of the common issues and it can be easily cured with the intake of Heartgard. But when there are some other problems like hookworms, roundworms, your dog requires a stronger medicine. Hence Heartgard Plus is the solution to such problems. It deals with more than one common problem and keeps your dog fit.

Benefit for Complete Month: With the single intake of this medicine, you can keep your dog safe for one month. This means, for a single dose, your dog will remain healthy.

However, the above-given merits don’t mean that it can be given to your dog without taking proper consultation. There are some demerits which you should keep in mind, in concern to this disease.

This medicine is made with ivermectin which doesn’t suit every dog. So, it will depend on whether it will suit your dog or not. You can diagnose it with the first dosage which will show behavioral changes in your dog. If your dog shows a negative response to the medicine, stop its dose and consult the doctor for an alternative.

There are some cautions which should also be considered while caring for your dog.

  • Make sure your dog is above 6 weeks.
  • To protect your pet, give a monthly dose of Heartgard Plus. It will keep your pet safe for the whole year.
  • Make sure the medicine is chewed instead of being swallowed directly.