To successfully pull off any kind of event, hard work and coordination among different teams are required. And if you’re hosting an event, one of the aspects you want to perfectly ace is the food. Because more often than not, event attendees remember how delicious or unpalatable the dishes are. In this case, you’d need to pick a trusted and experienced catering York PA company so you can get the job done with flying colors.

Caterers vs. Event Planners: The Difference

When you’re the host of an event, you might see a fine line between a caterer and an event planner. You ask tons of questions to both persons, and those sets of questions are often related to one another. To clear things out, we will be tackling the key difference between the two in this section.

The Roles of a Caterer. The main task of someone involved in catering York PA is to produce, supply, and serve food and beverages during an event. Though they don’t do the cooking themselves, they work closely with chefs and other key staff members to think of the menu and deliver the food requirements of their customers.

The Roles of an Event Planner. While the caterer is mainly involved with the dishes, the responsibility of an event planner is a broader one. These people are the ones responsible for organizing and overseeing the different aspects of the event — from the food to the venue to the host and the guests. Persons who work as event planners work with point persons per team (e.g. Catering, design, security, logistics, etc.) and ensure that each team performs their designated roles well.

What Caterers and Event Planners Talk About

To provide an excellent catering York PA services, the event planner and the caterer should go over and talk about a lot of things. Here are the basic items these two key persons typically discuss with each other:

The food and drinks included in the menu. Depending on the theme of the event, the planner should thoroughly relay the food requirements of the event host. The food and drinks that will be served should be aligned with the kind of event that will be held.

The number of dishes that should be prepared. The number of expected guests is a very important statistic when it comes to event catering. The planner should come up with the guest list (or have a good estimate at least) before contacting any prospective caterer.

The logistics of the catering. The planner should coordinate well with the caterer when it comes to the logistics aspect. From where their vehicles will be parked to the location of the food station, matters like these should be well-planned.

An Important Note

When choosing an event planner and a caterer, make sure you allot enough time to do some research. Ask around, look for reviews, and be patient in gathering pricing and quotations. Outsourcing these teams or firms can make or break your event, so be meticulous in choosing the most reputable ones for your upcoming occasion.

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