Having a dog around is one of the best ways to reduce stress and significantly lessen your negative thoughts. It’s like having a pal that you can always depend on whenever you get home. That’s why it is your responsibility as a pet owner to maintain the health of your pet dog.

One of the most worrying things that you will encounter is an infection of your dog’s eye. There are many symptoms that you have to look out for. Fortunately, there is online compounding pharmacy for pets and lots of solutions to guarantee the well-being of your dog when you find an infection.

Excessive Tearing

One of the most common things that dog owners worry about is excessive tearing in dogs. How often do you see tears flowing from your dog’s eyes? Do you often feel that their face is wet to the touch? Can you see a stain on the fur around their eyes?

Epiphora, commonly known as excessive tearing, can be the result of many conditions such as infected skin. Corneal ulcers, allergies, and abnormal eyelashes are things that you have to get checked for your dog. At worst, there may be an inflammation that’s causing the tears to flow uncontrollably.

Dry Eyes

A direct contrast to excessive tearing, dry eyes in dogs happen when the discharge no longer comes out from the eye. This means that they’re not able to produce tears that are used to clean the eyes. This can be spotted early on by your dogs trying to lick their paws and rubbing it on their eyelids.

Make sure to look for any ulcers on the cornea. If your dog is having a tough time trying to open and close its eyes, rush them to the vet as soon as possible because prolonging the symptoms can lead to blindness because of the eyelid continuously scratching the surface.

Breed-related Infections

Some issues that arise when it comes to dog eye infections tend to happen mostly in a select group of breeds. Flat-faced dogs are more susceptible to eye discharge. These dogs are called brachycephalic breeds and have eyelids that roll inward which causes discomfort because of the lashes. Often times, surgery is going to be needed.

If you have a dog that has loose facial skin, you might notice that their eyelids roll outward. If this is the case, steroids and antibiotics can help with the pain or discomfort that they are feeling which might be causing them to behave differently. A permanent solution is surgery.

Brain Injury

If your dog has sustained a direct blow to their head recently followed by the complications happening with their eye, it’s entirely possible that your dog is suffering from brain or nerve injury. Make sure that your veterinarian checks the eyes of the dog to rule out the possibility of this.


Through the internet, you can get online compounding pharmacy for pets that can help alleviate the eye problems that your dog is experiencing. Maintenance, however, is the key when it comes to medication.

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